TCC raises $20,000!

Toadfish Conservation Coalition Hosts First Fundraiser

Group Will Donate $20,000 to Create a One-Acre Oyster Reef

Charleston, SC (December X, 2019) -- In an effort to restore oyster habitats and ultimately cleaner waters, the newly-formed Charleston-based Toadfish Conservation Coalition hosted their first fundraiser last month at Bowen’s Island Restaurant near Folly Beach, SC. 

Shellabration, a Lowcountry-style fundraiser sponsored by Bowen’s Island Restaurant featuring food, wine, and auction items, raised $20,000 to fund an acre oyster reef in the Charleston Harbor - an area with some of the poorest water quality in the state. 

“We couldn’t be happier with the turnout and funds raised,” said Casey Davidson, Toadfish Conservation Coalition President. “80% of wastewater flows back into ocean waters without being treated. Oysters are the most vital part of healthy marine ecosystems, filtering thousands of gallons of water per day and providing habitat for hundreds of species. That’s why Shellabration and the Toadfish Conservation Coalition is so important to us.”

Local Charleston businesses, including Lowcountry Oyster Co., Barrier Island Oyster Co., and Charleston Oyster Farm served native, sustainably grown oysters on the half shell. Top chefs from 167 Raw, Herd Provisions, and Farmstead Co. set up stations serving signature dishes, along with wine and beer stations from Oysterman, Post Parade Wines, and Island Coastal Lager. Treats and baked goods were provided by Sugar Bakeshop.

“Water quality is the number one issue threatening coastal waterways,” said Davidson. “10% of beaches fail to even meet the benchmark for safe swimming water. The good news is we all can pitch in to ensure a sustainable future. We cannot depend solely on state or federal entities to protect our coasts. It is up to us to make a difference. And we believe that oysters are the answer.”

The Toadfish Conservation Coalition is excited to make Shellabration an annual event, in addition to planning multiple fundraiser events throughout the year. For future collaborations, partnerships and donations in 2020, interested parties may contact Candice Herriott, Director at Toadfish Conservation Coalition at

About Toadfish Conservation Coalition

Toadfish Conversation Coalition (TCC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to clean coasta lwaters by replanting new oyster habitats. The Coalition was formed in May 2019 by a group of eco-conscious professionals, organizations, and businesses, including Toadfish Outfitters, a Charleston-based manufacturer of thoughtfully designed eco-friendly coastal products and apparel that donates a portion of its revenue to coastal conservative efforts. For more information about the Toadfish Conservation Coalition or to discover future fundraisers, visit